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Xebia Studio kickstarts digital innovation for clients. Based on the same core values as its parent company, it provides software development as a service. Working from a brand new office in Hilversum, teams existing of ‘Xebians’ have all the right ingredients to help you in this disruptive digital era.



Over the past decade, many large companies have focused primarily on protecting their market share from their traditional competitors. However, start-ups such as Uber, Airbnb challenge companies in an unexpected way.

With the studio concept we kickstart innovation in the software development process, the same way a start-up does.

In this article you will read all about the newest concept and added value to your software developement process.

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Why us?

Xebia Studio has all the right ingredients to validate and shape your digital ideas. Backed by specialized business units, we poses the right skills, mindset and attitude to build exactly what you need.

Full focus on innovation

No more interruptions or unnecessary meetings. Full focus on innovation. Our startup-like environment gives you the focus you need to get your innovation of the ground in record speed.

Bootstrapping Technology

Be up and running within days instead of weeks. Our in-house developed turn-key platform, including continuous integration and delivery pipeline, provides all the tools a project needs without spending weeks of getting things started.

Agile Dream Team

Work with the experts that best suit your specific needs. From UX and software development to security and data science; we provide the best agile team, complemented with your own people to maximize knowledge transfer.

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